Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she cries after some decisions

Liberals want Justice Sotomayor to retire ahead of presidential election Fox News correspondent David Spunt has the latest from Washington on Special Report.

SCOTUS Chief Roberts pressured to force Alito recusal ahead of Trump immunity decision

Sen. Tom Cotton rips ‘partisan smear’ of Justice Alito over Appeal to Heaven flag Sen. Tom Cotton joins ‘Outnumbered’ to discuss testimony from former Fauci adviser Dr. David Morens on the NIH’s COVID response and the ‘controversy’ around Justice Alito’s decision to fly An Appeal to Heaven flag at his beach house.

Clarence Thomas takes aim at ‘judicial power’ in landmark Brown v Board of Education decision

Media pundits slam Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito following reports on flag controversies Liberal media pundits lambasted Justice Samuel Alito this week after he was reported to have flown the upside-down American flag in the weeks following Jan. 6, 2021.